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Nonviolent Communication – 4 Steps To Heal And Nurture Your Bleeding Relationships

If you’ve been drawn to read this, then I guess that you’ve experienced real pain in your life. Not physical pain that can die off quickly and is quickly forgotten. But the overwhelming, demeaning pain that throws you in the mud like you are a cheap old toy that is not loved and needed anymore.…
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Limiting Beliefs – How Do Our Beliefs Create Reality?

I`ve written this article because most people can`t really imagine how a limiting belief actually affects their perception. Most people who are into personal development can conceptualize or intellectualize it. What they are aware of is the conscious meaning they give to their current, past or imagined situation; not their core beliefs. Those are meanings…
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How To Control Your Emotions In 4 Easy Steps

How to control your emotions is something we all start asking ourselves very early on in life. We all know how pesky our negative emotions are sometimes and how they make us feel less confident. Most people start learning in childhood that they need to keep some of their emotions under control. As small children,…
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