Limiting Beliefs – How Do Our Beliefs Create Reality?

Limiting beliefsI`ve written this article because most people can`t really imagine how a limiting belief actually affects their perception.

Most people who are into personal development can conceptualize or intellectualize it.

What they are aware of is the conscious meaning they give to their current, past or imagined situation; not their core beliefs.

Those are meanings and not beliefs. I`m not talking about meanings here.

We`re dealing with the giants of the depth here: unconscious beliefs.

The huge monsters lurking underneath that create the small ripples of limiting thoughts on the surface that we become conscious of.

Yes, you can probably feel the emotional impact a thought has on you at the moment.

You might even feel subtle changes in your muscle tension and breathing and what your meanings and beliefs are drawing your attention to.

But the radical contrast and breathtaking paradigm shift in our worldview that occurs at the sudden stripping away of a deeply rooted belief eludes most.

Yet, this is the enlightening moment when the whole picture reveals itself.

It is a true wake up call, a triumph and major milestone for us, who are seekers of the truth.

If this is you, I invite you to make yourself comfortable and listen, because I`m going to tell you a story about a king…


The King Reborn


I`d like you to imagine now that you are this king. Your father has suddenly died in a hunting accident and you are the young new king of a large, medieval kingdom. You are only 6 years old and have absolutely no idea how to lead your kingdom.

You’re feeling anxious and uncertain now and you are needing help to know what everything means in this new environment.

As you think this, your trusted advisors appear next to you to help explain to you what things mean and how to relate to them so that your decisions cause no harm to the kingdom.

Their expertise is beyond question.

They’ve been in your court for as long as you remember and they used to advise your father too before he died.

Your advisors are telling you that the neighboring kingdom is up to no good and that you have to attack them.

And so you give the orders to attack them. Justice will be done. You feel good about yourself.

There’s another kingdom that your advisors are telling you to form an alliance with. They could help you against your new enemy. So you meet their king with your advisors by your side to negotiate and build an alliance with them.

You learn from your advisors which nations to like and which ones to dislike.

You learn from them too that your kingdom doesn’t have enough resources and you’ll have to conquer other nations to get these. You learn that there is scarcity, that riches are hard to gain and that you can`t trust other kingdoms.

They teach you the right way to think about what your kingdom is capable of, what it’s worth and what to think about other kingdoms so that you won’t make mistakes as a ruler.

There is the occasional opposition to your decisions from members of the aristocracy. Your advisors tell you that this is treason and punishable by death. So you get everyone executed who would challenge your decisions and the opinions of your advisors.

You manage to maintain the order and integrity of the kingdom.

In the last few months, you’ve formed a clear understanding of the world you live in, about the role of your kingdom in it and the good and the bad in the world.

You trust your advisors without question and all seems to be going well for a while.

But then you hear a rumor from someone you trust that the treasury is empty.

And that a new, looming danger is on the horizon: a powerful, evil kingdom has mobilized its forces and their army is approaching your kingdom.

Suddenly a man storms into the throne room to meet you. The guards have let him through.

You recognize him: he’s your father’s best friend and right hand who accompanied him on his final hunt.

As he catches his breath, he explains to you that he was kidnapped by the assassins who killed your father and has managed to escape from captivity.

“It was not a hunting accident. An enemy of our kingdom wanted to weaken us by assassinating the king. They had put their agents, your own royal advisors in place before you were born. Your father was more headstrong and didn`t always follow their suggestions. But you, a young child could easily become their puppet.” – he says to you, and you feel your world turning upside down.

He explains to you how everything they`ve taught you was not real. Often the very opposite of it was true. They even falsified history and recent news to make it consistent with their agenda.

It only served their purposes to slowly bleed out the once mightiest kingdom in the continent. To keep it in a constant state of internal conflict and struggle. To make it vulnerable to an eventual attack by the enemy.

With the web of their lies destroyed, you can finally see clearly.

A completely different configuration of events, players and opportunities suddenly become crystal clear to you.

You now know that you can ask for help because the world is not the scary place you thought it to be.

You know that you are capable of making this kingdom greater than it has ever been.

Your old worldview has suddenly vanished from your mind almost without a trace. It feels like being a completely new man, reborn as a lion. Ready to roar.

You, with the royal guard and the old king`s right hand behind you, cut down all of those impostors, one after the other.

You take charge of the situation with clarity and confidence. You act on the opportunities you can see, that has always been there, to make you prosperous, powerful and victorious. You`ve recognized your kingdom`s massive potential.

There`s no holding you back now.


What happened after that is a story for another time.

However, if you`re feeling fired up to cut down the impostors in your own mind, hang on, I`ve got your back here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the article and continue reading from the last headline, called “How To Get The Film Out Of The Projector?”.

Shiny plates of armor and weapons made of the best steel await you there.

The rest of the article will be here waiting for you after you`re done with the dirty task 😉


What Does This Teach Us About Beliefs?


The king was 6 years old when his advisors taught him what the world and his kingdom were like. What the right and wrong behavior is.

By the time we are 6, we usually have formed our limiting self-esteem beliefs with the help of our own advisors: our parents.

Do you remember, those advisors were the same who taught his father too? Beliefs are passed on from generation to generation like this.


Old Metaphor, New Explanation


Our beliefs are like the film in a projector. We are completely absorbed in the film we see on the screen and we identify with the story, with our favorite character fully. We are unaware of anything that`s creating this story inside the projector.

But when we remove the film, we`ll only see the lit surface of the screen.

It might be a cinema screen or a wall.

It will lose its hypnotic qualities and we can become aware that what we`ve been staring at is only a neutral object.

A wall, a cinema screen, a canvas, a human walking in the way of the light, whatever.

But we`ll suddenly also become aware of ourselves too. We sit up in our chair and we can finally observe what is in front of us without being lost in the story.

This is exactly how beliefs are constantly distorting our everyday reality.

We are always watching a movie without a moment`s break, even while meditating.

Our meditation experience, of why we are doing it and what our experiences mean, are often part of the movie too.

When we are under the influence of limiting beliefs, it`s like you, the king in this story blindly trusting that what your advisors say is true, real, proven and wise advice.

Your advisors are your limiting beliefs in your head that you trust without question.

Thoughts you consider to be real.

You believe these thoughts like you believe the movie you see, and they create emotions in you the exact same way.

You even seem to have all the evidence to back those beliefs up. Evidence, that was created by those beliefs themselves so they could remain under cover.


Beliefs Are Stubborn – Why?


Because they are not there to set you free. They are there to perpetuate themselves and meet their own agenda.

That is, to keep you in a habitual state of mind, state of emotion, a distinct feeling that you have recognized as “you”.

This “you” you can describe with these beliefs you have about yourself.

But who are you really?


This is the same as your idea of your kingdom in this story. The king reborn could feel the glory, value and limitless potential of his kingdom.

His false perception of it had led it into a downward spiral and kept it in a constant struggle for resources.

But once he got rid of his beliefs and expectations, the solution and his own power to handle the challenge naturally appeared for him.


Another Story


Just like the historical Buddha, our king was surrounded by lies about the “identity” of his kingdom and he had a distorted view of the world around him too.

The Buddha was born a prince.

They removed all signs of aging, illness and suffering from his reality and kept him in a bubble that didn`t let any of these in. They only allowed only healthy, young and beautiful people to be around him.

Finally, when he escaped from the court, and he met an elderly, a sick and a dead person, he realized that he had lived among lies.

Like our king in this story, he began to question the reality of everything, including his own thoughts and beliefs.

The illusion we all live in was made more obvious to him and this drove him to find the truth. He was very lucky in this sense.


Now It`s Your Turn


Can you make it real for yourself that you`ve been under the influence of a similar illusion as he and our kings were?

An illusion that`s been created by the film in the projector of your mind?

That you`ve had a distorted perception of what your worth is, how good, deserving, important and lovable you are?

Of what the world, men and women, and other people are like?

And of what you need to have that will make you happy and successful and what things really mean if you don`t give them a meaning?

If you want to become free from the story you`ve been absorbed in, at the very least, you must do this one thing:


Don`t Ever Believe A Thought You Think!!!


Your thoughts are the king`s impostor advisors and they are constantly creating a false perception of reality.

If they cause you negative emotions or feelings, it`s a clear sign that they have the agenda of your limiting beliefs, of the large evil kingdom in the story.

From another perspective, they are only trying to protect you. But what they are trying to protect you from, from you really feeling that you are not good, important or lovable enough, Is Not True!

Here`s an article that will help you deal with your conscious limiting thoughts; the negative meanings you give to events.


While we still have our unconscious beliefs, we can only imagine how we`d perceive the world without them.

But our imagination can`t open up our minds to see the entire screen and movie theatre, because wherever we look, the projector will keep projecting its current film on the chairs and walls around us.

That film has been playing for a while. It has been reeled halfway through and it`s difficult to remove immediately.

In other words, that story has momentum.


How To Get The Film Out Of The Projector?


There are many ways, but now I`ll show you just one easy way to do it.


  1. Choose a limiting belief that you have, about anything in your life that you feel is holding you back. I`ll make one up as an example: “I`m stuck in a job that I don`t like.”
  2. Pick something empowering that you want to believe instead. Something that would make your life more wonderful and the first belief untrue. Something like “I can enjoy the work I do”.
  3. Create a text document on your smartphone (or use a paper notebook) with the original belief and the one you want to change it to. Look for and write down the evidence that supports this new empowering belief every time it happens during the day. Things that you have done or that have happened to you.
  4. Do those things consistently that back your new belief up and try to recreate the events too, deliberately. Identify these things from the list of evidence you wrote down. Get even more ideas by asking yourself and really feeling in your body how a person with your new belief would behave like and behave in that way consistently.


This works amazingly well because of a psychological mechanism called cognitive dissonance.

We can`t have 2 conflicting beliefs at the same time or a behavior that is in conflict with our beliefs, without feeling a lot of discomfort.

We want to reconcile our uncomfortable feelings. If we keep behaving in the new, empowering way consistently, our brain will have no other choice but to change the belief in our mind.

We`ll also be creating and reinforcing new neural pathways that reflect the new, supportive belief while erasing the old pathways.

It takes an average of 66 days to establish a new habit, according to recent research.

Stay consistent and keep the odds stacked in your favor!


Our limiting self-esteem beliefs are responsible for almost all of our fear, procrastination, and suffering in life. These are about 19 core beliefs that we form in childhood and that we all commonly share.

Beliefs, like “I’m not good enough”, “Mistakes and failure are bad” and 17 others that most people have.

I`d like to recommend to you the scientifically proven program of the greatest expert I`ve been able to find on this subject in my decade-long search. This is the only program I know that has been proven to be effective by multiple, independent university studies.

Ive done this program called Natural Confidence myself and my life has completely changed because of it. It will help you permanently eliminate the most harmful and deeply rooted beliefs you`ve got.

DISCLAIMER: If you buy this program, Ill receive a commission. The main reason I`m recommending this program though is that it`s transformed my life. I was so pleased in fact that I got trained to facilitate his belief elimination method and am continuing my education with him.

Click here to permanently get rid of your biggest, baddest limiting beliefs.


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