How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself And Discover Your Hidden Talents – Fearlessly?

You can feel it deep inside. This feeling is keeping you restless, like an unscratchable itch.

You’ve been put on this planet to fulfill your purpose. THE reason why you are alive.

You could become so much happier, more fulfilled, and finally whole if only you knew who you are meant to be and what you can possibly become. What talents you should develop, or discover still, and use them as a vehicle to arrive at your destiny: your happiest, best self.

Best Self

Life is a waste if you don’t commit to becoming the best version of yourself. Life would become worthless, and you’re afraid you’d be irresponsible to let this precious lifetime go to waste like this.

The thought of allowing your ultimate happiness to slip away, just because you’re lazy, or too much of a coward to take action, is unbearable. Yet you procrastinate and distract yourself over and over again. You avoid doing what you really should be doing. What’s crucial and necessary for you to become happy and complete; your best self – the person who you are destined to become.

You must do whatever it takes to overcome your fears and become who you are meant to be. You can’t let your ego, your damn fears hold you back.

This is critical to get right, and not make any mistakes.

Because if by mistake you make the wrong choices and spend your precious time and energy to become someone you were never meant to – you’ve failed.

You can start everything all over again, with the clock relentlessly ticking. Tick-tock.

If there is one thing in life, this is the one you must undoubtedly get right!



Well, if you’ve been nodding along while reading this, you’re not alone. Like countless others in the field of personal development, and in life in general, you’ve fallen victim to a spell.

This spell’s purpose is to keep you enslaved and prevent you from realizing your true, unconditioned, “best,” perfect and limitless self.

Right now.

Not the imaginary, “best” self that has a purpose, hidden talents to find and develop to perfection, to finally be able to fit into the world and feel it is whole and good enough. To feel that it’s worthy and belongs somewhere. That it is finally safe, loved and needed.

These are what a “purpose” and our “best self” and “full potential” are about, in disguise.

It’s an idealized thing to achieve and become, to get rid of our uncertainty about what would make us useful, needed, valued, loved, significant, happy and whole.


“But it feels true to me that I must become my best self!” – you might be saying.

What feels true is the underlying sense of lack, a feeling that something is missing. That you are not good enough right now, that you must become something that you believe you are “meant to be,” to be fulfilled and whole.

That something is here right now.

It’s waiting for the spell on you – the thoughts that something, that you are not good enough, not complete, not lovable, not important, capable, competent, or worthy – to be surrendered; let go of.


“But it’s obviously my ego and my fears that are holding me back from becoming my best self!” – you may argue.

When you scold, suppress and argue with the inner voice that says you can’t accomplish something, who’s talking to whom?

Is it the “Liberator” talking to the “nasty ego”?


It’s your ego playing its tricks on you to prevent you from realizing the perfection in the present moment. To stop you from letting go of whatever ideas you’re obsessed with about yourself, life, purpose, and happiness.

Because if you find all of these here and now, your ideas, and this fear-based part of you that buys into them, must die.


This underlying fear is almost always hidden and masked by restlessness and excitement. Sometimes by excitement about growth and contribution at the grandest scale you’re humanly capable of.

It feels exciting to do something you were previously afraid of. Other than the temporary dopamine rush of having fleeting success, what feels exciting is the realization that you are more than the limited self bound by fear, that you had thought you were. That unlike in the past, now you can feel worthy, needed, valued, because of what you’ve become and what you’re doing to better others’ lives. You’ve become the servant, or the hero, for many. At least this is what you’re relentlessly striving for.

It’s a now slightly less limited self looking at its recent, more limited self, with a glimpse of what improvements are possible regarding becoming less limited still.


But here’s the catch: it’ll always be a still limited self playing this game, arbitrarily choosing areas to become slightly less limited in, without ever leaving this never-ending game.

The reasons this self will have to pick areas to improve on will be based on his or her past conditioning, the wounds that have caused this self to be permanently contracted in the past, and the false beliefs and concepts of who he or she is. His or her choices will be heavily influenced by the ideas in his or her head about what could make someone worthy, loved, good enough, important, needed, valued, safe, rich, healthy, and more able to survive and do well in life.

For someone who is not guided by their heart, their full embodied presence at the moment in which infinite intelligence unfolds, the only alternative is to be governed by their subconscious beliefs, fears, and ideas. These usually lead them away from their bliss, instead of towards it. Disappointment, confusion, regret, guilt, anger, fear, or obsession with improvement and service will ensue.


When we finally manage to surrender to what’s in the present moment and give it our full and undivided attention, withdrawing it from our labeling and judgmental mind, we’ll have found our best self. For a moment, we’ll be entirely in tune with the vibrant aliveness of what’s present here and now, and will stop resisting it.

As our acceptance and benevolence sweep over our entire being and the world around us, we can finally be spontaneously guided by higher intelligence. We can let go of our obsessions with what we think we “should” do to make our life meaningful and complete.

As we gently allow our natural impulses to express themselves and be at peace with them, a tremendous sense of well-being becomes our dominant experience that underlies whatever is going on in our minds. It won’t matter anymore. We won’t be touching them any longer. The well-being will allow everything to unfold uninhibitedly, feeding back into our willingness to surrender everything in our mind that’s inhibiting this deepening sense of well-being.

The natural, little things in the present moment, the gateways leading to our true self, can start to flow spontaneously. Speaking your truth fearlessly, with care and compassion. Freely giving and receiving love through touch, words, and actions. Allowing yourself to trust what is in the here and now fully, open up to it and start giving and receiving spontaneously. The old resistances, illusions, fears, and judgments will gradually fade away, and your true “best” self will emerge victoriously.


We can stop obsessively trying to discover “our” hidden talents, as something that we are “entitled” to use and that we “should” uncover to feel complete.

When we are tuned in to our true selves, we will be naturally and gently drawn to explore and experience things that the mind would typically censor and reject. There is no destination to arrive at; the feelings of wholeness and fulfillment are right here and now. In whatever way this unfolds during one’s lifetime is of no concern to the real self. Whether something is useful, expensive, in demand, logical, morally and ethically correct, “right” or “wrong,” good or bad, are irrelevant.

What’s important is to let go of our conditioning, our ideas of who we are, that we are not enough, and how we could somehow still become enough some day. To surrender to what the moment is asking you to be a natural, flowing part of.


A human’s life has infinite potential, and no one can hope to become his/her best self and unlock his/her full potential. It’s an illusory concept the ego creates to find meaning and purpose. To feel that it is good, lovable, worthy and important enough and to feel that it is part of the bigger whole.

As social creatures, we are naturally wired to enjoy and be drawn to contributing, feeling needed and valued, as well as any activity that improves our chances of survival and reproduction. These are natural and good things that by design are available for us to enjoy without having to give them a single thought. But they will become more of a hindrance and source of obsession if we, like virtually everyone on this planet has, lose our connection with our core goodness, worthiness, and well-being.

For most, it’s a gradual journey, going in the opposite direction as the one that tries to build a “best” or “destined” self and is attached to a purpose.

The first step on the journey is to break the illusion and connect to what it’s hiding from you.

Then it has to be surrendered.







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