Hi, my name is Attila. Welcome to my website.

I’ve found a way to remain happy and confident despite the massive traumas in my life that have been so numerous that I lost count of them long ago. As a result of those, I used to experience severe social anxiety, OCD, chronic illnesses, and homelessness, to name just a few of the mildest of the many challenges I’ve faced in my life.

You might find what I share about mine helpful on your own similar journey. I hope that my writing can prevent lengthy suffering that was unnecessary in my case.

Initially, I wanted to monetize this blog from the beginning. My recommending services to my small audience that I didn’t even get to know better wasn’t as helpful as I first thought. My attachment to making a living from the blog also made creating content for it less enjoyable. I’ve decided to change my approach and let go of these to allow for the co-creation of the direction this blog is heading towards. You will have direct control over the content I’ll be writing about in the coming months and even years on this blog. Let me know which articles and words of wisdom you’ve found the most helpful, and what you’d like to read about next. Then I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests.

I still want to make a living from blogging, but only a few years down the road, when this website will have developed into a valuable resource for thousands of people seeking to overcome suffering and create more happiness. In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on building a source of passive income that can cover my necessary expenses, so without financial worries, I can be entirely inspired and be of service with every piece I will write here.

How often I’ll be contributing on this blog will depend on you too. On how willing you are to give feedback, to leave requests for further content and to let me know that you’ve found the existing content helpful. So if you haven’t done so already, please head over to read some articles that pique your interest and leave a comment to help make this site better!

Thank you!

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