Follow These 8 Steps To Improve Your Tantric Practice

I’d like to give you a powerful free resource that will help you raise your tantric practice – and any other area of your life for that matter – to a much higher and more fulfilling level. And this is something you can start using right now and experiencing the changes immediately.

In my experience, tantra is not tantra yoga or having an internal full body orgasm or any tantric exercise that a guru can teach you.

It`s not about being loving all the time either. How could you realise the true value of love and be motivated to be more loving if not by failing to love at times?

So what is tantra then?

Tantra is about permanently expanding yourself so that who you are includes more of the wholeness of pure consciousness and everything that can be naturally expressed in it; and less of your false identities and limiting beliefs about who you are and what you should or shouldn`t be, feel, think or do.

When we expand ourselves to include our tantric partner or any object of our attention as part of who we are, we will feel a deep connection with them that we can choose to completely surrender to.

If we do this, the sense of both of us will disappear and only pure consciousness remains. We can choose to fully open up to and accept our partner in order to surrender our identity to them and access this profound truth.

During our often busy daily lives we can decide to open up our consciousness to different people, ideas, behaviours and emotions that we used to deem unacceptable in the past.

If we resist something, it is a sign that we are limiting ourselves in our freedom to express ourselves naturally and in meeting our needs effortlessly. Its a sign that we are not guided spontaneously by pure consciousness but instead by what we think we should or shouldn`t be, feel, think or do in order to be good or accepted.

We can direct this resistance towards things outside in the world, or in our own behaviour or consciousness.

Whatever we judge in the outside world, it is a representation of an internal element of our psyche, that is part of our wholeness. We can learn a lot about our internal conflicts by becoming aware of our judgments.

We judge things because we think they are in opposition to who we think we are and what we think can meet our needs. To create a sense of certainty for ourselves that we can be good and accepted by others, we cling to a whole bunch of values and ideas that we identify with and fiercely protect.

Duing our interactions with our parents, mentors and teachers we learned in childhood to base our self-worth on things we believe will make us be good enough. Then we judge everything that seems to oppose these. With this we prevent ourselves from feeling good about ourselves no matter what we do, feel or think. By identifying with anything else, we can`t realise our true nature as pure consciousness that is the key of liberation.

In Tibetan Tantric Buddhism the monks identify themselves with different aspects of their consciousness by becoming one with visualised god figures. Those figures are psychological archetypes that cover the whole gamut of the human experience. This way they can integrate all the different aspects of their psychology that they may have rejected in the past so that they can accept what they face in real life with less resistance, more love and more in tune with their true nature.

However chaotic and busy your life is, you can use the technique I am sharing with you here to achieve the same results as those monks in peaceful seclusion: to master your mind and your emotions. To increase your ability to experience oneness with your partner or with everything around you by eliminating the resistance in your mind to it.

If this is important to you, you’ll need to give this all you’ve got and commit to it fully. Stick to it as if your life depends on it. Follow this link and set yourself free.