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Hi, my name is Attila Beres.

You are in the right place if you are tired of being overwhelmed, imbalanced, confused or frustrated. This site will help you find happiness and a sense of well-being in your life that last.

Maybe life has thrown devastating punches at you that have made you believe you’re never going to recover from them. I’ve definitely walked in those shoes.

If life has been especially cruel to you too, you are in the very best place to begin your healing journey. You can certainly find happiness and turn your traumas into gifts of empowerment.

This I can say with certainty, because I’m going to share with you how I’ve overcome the darkest, most horrifying challenges. Things, most people can’t even hope to imagine.

You might be highly functioning and might even consider yourself  ‘successful’. You will still gain a lot of value from delving into the articles on this website.

By joining my meetup group in London, you’ll become part of a community who are there to find happiness as well.

You might be anxious in certain situations. Or you have recurring negative emotions or communication difficulties in your relationships. Perhaps you struggle with changing negative habits and creating new, positive ones. Or experience a lack of happiness, love, significance, certainty, purpose, health, energy, fun or freedom in your life. Or just want to be able to be fully present to what is within and around you right now. Whatever it is, here you can learn how to find happiness.

You will learn exactly what key switches to flip in your mind (and even in your environment) to finally make your relationships work. Also, for your communication to be conscious, respectful and compassionate. Your emotional states to be blissful and harmonious and to stop looking for things outside of you to find happiness.

You’ll know how to find happiness by mastering your own psychology to become vibrantly alive. You’ll also learn how to bypass your psychology completely. Without impulsively wanting to do anything, just merging into the blissfulness of your true nature: embodied pure consciousness.




Because of the difficulty and large number of the challenges I have faced in my life, one single method couldn`t provide me the solution. Not even the very best out there that I finally discovered. (The 7 master steps of Tony Robbins, the Lefkoe Method and the Direct Path of Ramana Maharshi for example).

Bleeding from the grevious wounds of countless traumas and illnesses, I could hardly manage to drag myself through life. I tried to commit suicide many times. Under this tremendous pressure, I finally managed to connect the dots in a way that could help even someone as traumatised as I was.  I’ve gained understanding of why exactly something did or didn’t work. And how entirely different approaches supported each other.

In a desperate search of redemption from my immense suffering, I have influenced my thoughts and emotions through countless extreme ways.

These included nutritional means and fasting. Changing my beliefs and physical state. Embracing my ‘darkest’ sides and lovingly allowing them full conscious expression. Controlling my subtle energies. With prayer and meditation. By changing my environment and with whatever else you can imagine, including the most proven and effective methods available today.

I went deep into each and could see more and more complex patterns emerging from their interactions.

This is very rare.

These insights are going to add tremendous value to your life however far you are on your journey or however hopeless your situation feels.

I`ll be here to support you on your journey and would like to see you visiting my site often. I’d like you to find your way back here so that you can keep benefitting from this life-changing website.

I don’t expect you to be able to remember my name after your first visit. To find your way back here, bookmark and share this page now on social media so I can see you around again! Invite your friends to read your favourite articles on this site too.

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