What is the secret of happiness? How to achieve vibrant health and high energy while finding happiness and lasting fulfilment? Will I ever figure out how to be happy??


If you`ve been looking for the answers to these questions for a long time, you can now allow yourself to relax because you`ve come to the best place. Please make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore the articles and resources on this site.


This website is dedicated to help you find lasting happiness, fulfilment, vibrant health and abundant energy in your life. The information provided here will help you see the bigger picture and will break down difficult concepts for you into an easy to understand format. This will help you to understand and focus only on a handful of hidden core elements that have the greatest impact on reaching these goals.


Whether you are anxious in certain situations; have recurring negative emotions or communication difficulties in your relationships; struggle with changing negative habits and creating new, positive ones; experience a lack of happiness, love, connection, importance, certainty, purpose, health, energy, fun or freedom in your life, you can find an answer to your problems here and a path towards creating lasting happiness.


I`ll be here to support you on your journey. I`ve got a name that people tend to confuse easily and this is this site`s name too. You might want to bookmark or share this page now on social media to easily find your way back and invite your friends to join you here too.





Because of the difficulty and large number of the challenges I have faced in my life, one single method couldn`t provide me the solution, not even the very best out there that I finally discovered (I`m referring to the 7 master steps of Tony Robbins, the Lefkoe Method and the Direct Path of Ramana Maharshi here). I had to connect the dots myself, understand why exactly something worked or why it didn`t and how entirely different approaches supported each other.

I have influenced my thoughts and emotions through nutritional means; by changing my beliefs and physical state; by controlling my subtle energies; with prayer and meditation; changing my environment and with whatever else you can imagine, including the most proven and effective methods available today. I went deep into each and could see more and more complex patterns emerging from their interactions. This is very rare and therefore these powerful insights that will help you transform your life are unique to this website.

Also, even though some of the articles here will be dealing with metaphysical concepts and mystical experiences, most of them will be rooted in real science that will bust through the common myths and bad science many popular websites contain and popularise. Such as misusing badly explained quantum physics trying to prop up our spiritual experiences or thinking that a low fat (ketogenic) diet will starve all cancer cells in our body or the left/right brain myth.

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